We provide an art consultancy service for interior designers, hotels, real estate, & companies wishing to add a feature  to their work environment. We can help identify, source and transact with artists so that your project gets the most appropriate and stunning piece of art that fits with your project or brand.

McCaslin Art Advisory is pleased to announce a new partnership with VELVENOIR art consultancy. Through this association we now have access to a curated in-house art database which holds hundreds of contemporary artworks from which to select the most appropriate for your project. It also means we have access to a global network of art consultants. Click here to visit the VELVENOIR website.


Consultancy services for ArtISTS


We regularly meet with contemporary artists living and working in the UK. Occasionally we help to promote an artist’s body of work, and capture new audiences. We act as adviser and agent in those circumstances. Most recently, for example, we have worked with London-based Chilean artist, Pato Bosich and promoted his latest works at an exhibition, “Antiquity”. Please see the Events pages for more information.




Our unique blend of business experience with insider art world knowledge enables us to help all those seeking to work in the international art work and develop their careers further or start their career after studying art history, fine art and other related subjects. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you.

Marketing Services For Artists