Pato Bosich (b. 1978, Chile) with a lineage rooted in Europe, Pato's ancestral spirits beckoned him to revisit the continent. For the 19 year old Chilean an adventure ensued starting in Switzerland, Germany, and settling finally in London in 2000 where he studied painting at Camberwell School of Art and where he now continues to live and work. Previously, while living in Basel and Southern Germany, Pato developed his artistic direction in drawing and painting, working in the atelier Dodekaeter under the guidance of Dennis Emmelin. 

Pato’s work is figurative and gestural, characterised by a fresh and playful use of space, narrative and referentiality. Recurrent themes are perception and the crossover of dissimilar realities.

Exhibitions include The Courtauld Institute Biennale in London, MSSA museum in Santiago, MAM museum in Chiloé, Sberbank University in Moscow, Porter Contemporary in New York, Jano Arts and Fundació Catalunya América in Barcelona and Pasaje 865 in Buenos Aires

Pato Bosich works in mixed media and drawing, as well as oil on canvas. Most recently, he has been Inspired by the British Museum’s collections of Mesoamerican, Greek, Mesopotamian and other antiquities and developed over a period of more than five years, both on-site and in his studio, an imaginative series of works on paper using pencil, ink, and wine. These works are the artist’s response to the materiality and iconography of the antiquities, and his fascination for their fragmentation over the course of history.

Other works on oil shown on this page are from the ongoing series, "Netherworld" which started in 2013 in which the artist introduces us to worlds of playful and dreamlike juxtapositions. Landscapes, characters, objects and situations are taken out of context, re-invented and re-scaled, transforming their interaction into poetic apparitions. In many ways the series can be also understood as a dialogue with the history of painting. This has been informed by Pato’s weekly visit to draw at the National gallery in London. Many a landscape of the Old Masters appears and interacts with memories and evocative fictions.

Pato’s use of drawing and painting lends itself to animation. He has created two experimental animated music videos, below, “Mercury”, and “Albatross”, for the music group, Thirsty, and in collaboration with Thirsty’s lyricist, Irina D for Thirsty’s new release, NOMAD, 2018. The song is produced by Rolling Stones collaborator, Chris Kimsey; lead vocals by Guy Bailey, and backing vocals by Irina D.