News from Germany

Cologne and Dusseldorf in February! First, the new works by Gerhard Richter at Cologne's Museum Ludwig. Breathtaking new abstract works in different sizes. The Otto Dix exhibition in Dusseldorf highlighted works created between 1921 and 1929 in Dusseldorf, and finally talent spotting at this year's Graduate Art show at the Dusseldorf Art Akademie, Rundgang 2017.

The Dusseldorf Art Akademie is now headed up by Rita McBride, American artist and sculptor. Her works are inspired by industrial design, minimalist sculpture, and modernist architecture. She teaches in the department of sculpture. Other students' works on show included those from the classes of Peter Doig, Andreas Gursky, and Katharina Fritsch.

Past professors at the Akademie include Josphe Beuys, Gerhard Richter, A. R. Penck, Tony Cragg, Nam June Paik, Albert Oehlen, Bernd Becher, and past students include Thomas Demand, August Macke, Hilla Becher,  Sigmar Polke, Isa Genzken. The list continues.

I was impressed by the range of works in different media from painting to sculpture, and architectural design. I have taken away at least 50 new artist names which I will be eagerly following in the weeks and months to come.