New foundation for Contemporary African Art

Jean Pigozzi— business man and avid collector of contemporary African art—reportedly has plans to open a massive foundation to home his collection of several works of art dedicated to the subject. The Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC) was started in 1989 and several works are now on show at the Louis Vuitton foundation in Paris. Read more about the collection: CAAC Art.

“In five years’ time, I want to create an [operational] space in Europe,” he told French media, according to the Art Newspaper, referring to a place to safeguard his vast collection, which contains around 10,000 works.

Neither the Centre Pompidou in Paris, nor the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the MoMA in New York have contemporary African art departments, he pointed out.


Header image shows "J'aime la Couleur", 2003, by Cheri Samba.