Join us this summer on a Tour of the London Art Scene

The art scene in London is extremely varied and distinctly part of its locality as well as part of the global network and global contemporary art trends. It is a centre for contemporary art, and emerging art, the home of the Frieze contemporary art fair brand, the Saatchi gallery, and White Cube as well as being the recognised centre for old master paintings, arts of Asia, and leading art educational institutions such as the Courtauld Institute, The Royal College of Art, and home to the leading auction houses of Sotheby’s, Christies, Bonhams and Phillips.

McCaslin Art Advisory is delighted to be delivering this series of new Art Tours for new collectors and art lovers alike that aim to help our guests discover this London art world and the art market. Through carefully curated and guided tours of current art shows currently being presented at the museums & galleries of four key art areas of London, guests will be able to learn and experience more about contemporary art first hand. Starting with Bankside, we will meet at Tate Modern, discover an exhibition at Tate, start an art conversation, continue over lunch, and spend the afternoon walking round nearby leading galleries, or artist studios. Presented with Art Collector Tours who offer cultural and art tours around the world, McCaslin Art Advisory is delivering the Tours in London. Our 1-day London Tours are offered regularly each week throughout the year.

In her book, Seven Days in the Art World, Sarah Thornton describes the art world as “a loose network of overlapping subcultures held together by a belief in art. They span the globe but cluster in art capitals like New York, London, Los Angeles, and Berlin”. The auction houses have also contributed to the development of London as a leading centre for international art transactions, putting it at the centre of the global art market. Art worlds exist at local and regional levels, as well as internationally and via primary and secondary art markets.

In partnership with Art Collector Tours, our 1-day Art Collector Tours in London give guests the opportunity to visit a leading museum and surrounding galleries in four key areas of London: Bankside, Mayfair, Bloomsbury or South Kensington. We will also help you during the buying process should you wish to acquire any artworks. The day finishes at 6.00pm.

Art Tours in four different areas of London: Bankside, Mayfair, Bloomsbury and South Kensington.

Where possible, a key theme will be explored that is relevant to each area. The Bankside area of London is situated along the south bank of the river Thames and is a celebration of the area’s thriving creative industries with numerous art galleries, open studios and interactive workshops. The tour in this area includes a visit to the famous Tate Modern. The Mayfair Tour includes the Royal Academy museum as well as the galleries on the key streets of Bond Street, Duke Street, Albemarle Street, and the auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christies. The Bloomsbury tour includes the British Museum and local galleries in and around the elegant streets surrounding the Museum. South Kensington has always been the centre for major museums where the Victoria and Albert museum is situated, and the Royal College of Art. Our Tour here encompasses the V&A, and surrounding galleries. In this area, a new creative hub is under development where art professionals can take on gallery space, and present new artists’ works.

The Art Collector Tours in London will be the start of a journey into some fascinating artistic and cultural discoveries that will leave a lasting impression after visiting this vibrant and highly creative city.

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The first Tour in our London Series starts on Wednesday 14th August, at 10am, Bankside, we will meet at the entrance to Tate Modern.

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