by Pato Bosich

Oil on Board
46 x 46 cm

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There is an immense expanse hidden from us
A mother tender curtains to the sea wind
We stand at the sides of the silent road
The immense ocean outlines with its memories, the winding road

The protagonists of melancholia are the road , the land, the ocean and its wind, amidst them, the human presences flower and wither, a child rises to towering heights being fed by the horizon, someone remembers a dog while someone else plays on the same path where the dog walks, or is it a toy? a mother Silver lines on the clouds. 

Please note that this painting is sold .

This work is from the ongoing series, "Netherworld" which started in 2013 in which the artist introduce us to worlds of playful and dreamlike juxtapositions. Landscapes, characters, objects and situations are taken out of context, re invented and re scaled, transforming their interaction into poetic apparitions. In many ways the series can be also understood as a dialogue with the History of painting. This has been informed by his weekly visit to draw at the National gallery in London. Many a landscape of the Old Masters appear and interacts with memories and evocative fictions.

The sea appears constantly in this series, often as an allegory of the efficacy of time. they corrode, trespass and sooth substances and people, penetrating and destroying their form. The maternal vastness of the ocean continues beyond the horizon; it is the immense and inarticulable presence of time.The people in turn, inhabit spaces in continuous desegregation, knocked off their centre, lacking a stable identity, they are transformed into points of view which have lost their firmness. They are always what is about to become in landscapes where nothing is static and reality is in continuous change.