Services for Art Collectors


We work as your trusted independent art adviser, helping you acquire works of contemporary art. Artworks include blue-chip and emerging contemporary art on the both the primary and secondary markets. We make recommendations based on market trends, your taste, and your budget and source fine art on the open market or the private sales market. Once we have decided on a style of work of art, we set about locating it, conducting due diligence, and facilitating the transaction. After-sales services include all logistics to get the work delivered safely to you as well as framing and hanging.

How do we achieve your objective? We have an extensive network of fine art specialists in the international art world developed over the last ten to fifteen years. These include artists (direct to the studio), galleries, dealers, private brokers and professional art logistics companies, legal and insurance advisers, financial services, and framers. We conduct extensive due diligence and market analysis around each transaction. We source works of art privately, or through our network of galleries, at major art fairs or direct from the artist studio.

Within any aspect of the buying or selling process, we always work on behalf of either buyer or seller, defined from the start. We are open and transparent about our ways of working together and place a strong emphasis on the role of clear communication, especially when working internationally.

Fine Art Service for Art Collectors



We help new collectors looking to invest in art to enter the art market. Usually we start this process with an informal conversation and a visit to a leading gallery in London or at a leading art Fair. This gives us some insight into the motivation to invest in art and start a collection. It also helps us to get to know a person's individual taste. We give insights into trends in the art market, advice on which artists to invest in, and financial information regarding the market for individual contemporary artists. We can access artworks on the private market or through galleries or direct with the artist's studio.

We work with a growing number of emerging contemporary artists whose careers are developing and whose prices can be more affordable. It’s exciting to invest in the career of a young or mid-career artist.




We work as trusted colleagues to corporate collections, property developers, architectural and interior design practices. We identify, source and transact with artists so that your project gets the most appropriate and stunning piece of art that fits with your project or brand.